Integration of modelling languages for the development of space domain software applications.
A.G. Pérez, M.A. de Miguel, H. Valente, J. Zurera, J. Zamorano, A. Alonso, J.A. de la Puente
Accepted for publication in Ada User Journal (2022)

Requirements Gathering, Toolchain Creation and Platform Testing for a MBSE code generation.
J. Zurera, H. Valente, J. Zamorano, M.A. de Miguel.
Poster presented at the MBSE 2022 Conference — Toulouse, 22-24 November 2022.

Design, development, and implementation of a cFS, RTEMS, and LEON3 platform.
J. Zurera, M.A. de Miguel, H. Valente, A.G. Pérez, A. Alonso, J. Zamorano, J.A. de la Puente
DASIA 2022 — 17-19 May, 2022

Extension of the Modeling Tool Suite for Development of Embedded Systems for the Space Domain.
H. Valente, M.A. de MigueL, J. Zurera, A.G.Pérez, A. Alonso, J. Zamorano, J.A. de la Puente.
IFAC-PapersOnLine. 55 (4): 286-291

Requirements for a Component-Based Modelling Language for Space Missions.
J. Zurera, H. Valente, M.A. de Miguel, A.G. Pérez, J. Zamorano, J.A. de la Puente, A. Alonso
Congreso Español de Informática (CEDI 2021), VI Simposio de Sistemas de Tiempo Real —— 22-24 septiembre 2021, Málaga.